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How A Lawyer Defends You Against the Copyright Trolls


If you are facing copyright troll in a court of law you may be required to raise numerous defense to fighting the claims.  If you are sure that someone did the infringing and that toy are bot the one you are able to turn the person over  to copyright troll so that they will redirect the focus from you. However, this is tricky since you will not want to throw your family member of=r your friends under the bus and the mercy of a plaintiff.in this situation the person who downloaded the content agrees to pay settlement fees so as to avoid the risks of themselves and the account holder.  View this website and learn how e commerce law can be of help. The case can be filed in the wring jurisdiction. In order for the case to go on the case will be required to be filed in the right jurisdiction. As much as copyright trolls claim that their method of determining your location of infringement activity are highly accurate this is not the case most of the time. If you are involved in a copyright lawsuit that is filed somewhere else apart from where the crime was done or away from the home location you have the advantage of having the case dropped for lack of jurisdiction, view here to understand more details.


In addition, the copyright holder will be required to bring the lawsuit in a span of three years or else they will not bring the case. If the copyright holder attempts in suing you for downloads that the claim occurred for more than three years ago, the judge is highly likely to dismiss the case because the troll case was held and waited for so long before taken to court.  See more here. You can also opt to settle the case outside the court. Sometimes settling outside the court maybe the best option. Be sure to view here to know more!


This is because if you know you did the downloading and if you go the court room you are likely to face a harsh ruling, it’s wise to settle it outside the court amicably. Follow this link and read more here.  You may decide you do now want to have the potential public negativity for yourself or your company and opt to settle the case outside. Be sure to learn  here!


While you mage get a judge who allows the perpetrators to proceed anonymously if the material are adult in nature the judge is not able to give that privilege. Click on this this page and see more info. Know more facts about lawyers at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attorney.